February 17, 2013

Trust in Allah

Assalammualaikum..how are you dear readers?
I just start my new semester,and looking forward that it will be quite a buzy sem for me...haha
But then,I trust in Allah,and I believe that He will make everything ease for me,InsyaAllah.

Many people had asked me recently,can you do it?How can you manage?
I replied,InsyaAllah,I can.
Why I can have a great pleasure to say that?
Because I already put my trust in Allah.
99% from my strenght came from Him,only the rest 1% were from me.

So,can you practice this?
Put your trust in Allah.
Then,InsyaAllah He will make every single thing ease for you.
Maybe not the thing that you want,but the thing that you need.
Trust me,Allah knows better.


Till meet again,XOXO.